Bringing Solutions to Complex Situations

With over twenty years of experience, the Bay Area Receivership Group (BARG) addresses both problems of non-performing financial obligations through the Rents & Profits Receivership and deteriorating real property assets through the Health & Safety Receivership as well as California Code of Civil Procedure § 564 receiverships. BARG has a demonstrated expertise in working with lenders, city departments, personnel and contractors.

BARG’s core tools include extensive experience in insolvency and financial restructuring engagements, including Bankruptcy and Receivership, and expertise in implementing Health and Safety Receiverships under California Health and Safety Code section 17980.7, as well as California Code of Civil Procedure § 564, which provides a mechanism for the courts to appoint a “Receiver” to : 1) arrange for all project funding, 2) coordinate all aspects of the restoration, 3) hire and oversee all court approved architects & contractors, 4) coordinate with Building & Safety for code /permits compliance, and eventually reselling of the restored property shortly after restoration.
In closure, BARG understands the unique culture, heritage and business and government codes of the Bay Area. For that reason, we have chosen to continue to focus on our efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although BARG primarily focuses on the Bay Area, we do operate statewide and have offices in Sacramento as well as Southern California. For more information, feel free to browse our or .