This property was owned by a woman with two children that both struggled with substance abuse and criminal activity. The owner also had mortgage on the property with Wells Fargo. When the woman passed away the two children could not inherit the property, because of the mortgage. However, they began staying at the Property and using hard drugs there. Eventually the two children started inviting their transient friends to the property and even charging them rent.. However, the children did not pay the water, electricity, or any other bills and all those services were shut-off. The property eventually became overrun with people living in unsanitary conditions engaging in substance abuse and criminal activity.

The City then asked in his role as Neighborhood Law Attorney for the City of Vallejo to appoint a receiver over the nuisance property pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7. Ryan Griffith filed a lawsuit against the estate of the owner and successfully appointed a receiver over the nuisance property on November 13, 2013.

Once the Receiver was appointed Mr. Griffith, the Receiver, and the Vallejo Police Department organized a police raid to clear the property of squatters. Once the squatters were cleared, as were the two children who had not yet opened up probate the receiver began securing the property. The receiver then fully rehabilitated the property and sold it to a responsible owner. It is worth noting that the as-is value of the property, which was a nuisance drug house when the receiver was appointed was $67,000. However, once the Receiver rehabilitated the property he was able to sell it for $205,000, which was a property value increase of $138,000. Furthermore, the City was awarded $10,000 in attorney’s fees and enforcement costs pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7(c)(11) and (d)(1). Most importantly of all the neighborhood nuisance was abated and peace was brought to the community.