This was a property owned by an elderly woman who passed away with a mortgage to Bank of New York. However, her son had substance issues and began living at the Property upon her death. The son stopped paying all the bills so water, electricity and all services were shut off. Nevertheless the son of the deceased owner invited all of his friends that did very hard drugs to have large parties on an almost nightly basis. The parties resulted in the cops being called out nearly every night, great disturbance to the neighborhood, and debris being thrown out everywhere. Bank of New York did have a mortgage on the Property, which the son never paid, but for unknown reasons it never took title.

With the Police and Code Enforcement efforts of fines and arrests on the party goers not resulting in a permanent solution, in his role as a Neighborhood Law Attorney for the City of Vallejo was asked to file a lawsuit and seek the appoint of a receiver over the Property pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7. On June 4, 2014, Mr. Griffith was able to successfully argue for the appointment of a Receiver. Once the Receiver was appointed the Receiver was able to take immediate control of the Property and order it vacated. From there the receiver rehabilitated the Property and sold it to a responsible owner.

It is worth noting the as-is value of what was a nuisance drug house at the time of the Receiver’s appointment was $68,500, but the Receiver was able to sell it to a responsible owner for $199,000. This is a property value increase of $130,500, and the City of Vallejo recovered its attorney fee’s and enforcement costs pursuant to California Health and Safety § 17980.7(c)(11) and (d)(1). Most importantly of all the neighborhood nuisance was abated.