What is a receiver?
A receiver is a neutral agent of the Court that is appointed to address a problem that cannot be resolved without court involvement.


In what instances would a receiver need to be appointed?
A few reasons to appoint a receiver include to abate a nuisance property, help a failing corporation, or even bring appropriate medical standards to the California prison system. In summary, if something is out of control a Receiver is appointed to bring order back to the situation.


In short, receivership is an excellent remedy in drastic situations. Receivership is not always appropriate, but when reasonable tactics cannot work the appointment of a receiver is often the way to solve the problem. The attorneys, receivers, project managers, accountants, and administrative staff at Bay Area Receivership Group have seen and handled nearly every situation from health and safety receiverships to shutting down lumber mills. If you would like to learn more about receivership you can to our staff. You can also review a summary of our .