This property was an apartment building owned by two friends that used it as an investment property. The friends began fighting, because the other thought the other was not doing enough to maintain the Property. Eventually the fight became ugly and for all intents and purposes out of apparent stubbornness both thought it was the others responsibility to deal with the Property. Therefore, the Property became dilapidated and all the paying tenants eventually left.

Once the property was vacant it was overrun by squatters living without running water, electricity, and throwing debris all over the place. Furthermore, the police were called to the property over 50 times in less than a year, and there were pitbulls living at the property that would get loose and attack people walking by.

The City asked in his role as a Neighborhood Law Attorney to put the property into receivership. Mr. Griffith filed a receivership action in Solano County Court and successfully appointed a receiver over the Property on December 17, 2013. Once the receiver was appointed the Receiver and Mr. Griffith had to coordinate a S.W.A.T. team raid with the Vallejo Police Department as numerous pit bulls and armed squatters at the Property.

Once the S.W.A.T. team was coordinated the Receiver immediately secured the building and spent months rehabilitating it. It is worth noting that at the time of the Receiver’s appointment in December 2013 this property, which was a hub of criminal activity was valued at $210,000, but it was sold to a responsible owner for $428,000. Therefore, the property value increased by $228,000 and the City of Vallejo recovered its attorney fees and enforcement costs pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 17980.7(c)(11) and (d)(1). Most importantly of all this hub of substantially dangerous criminal activity was abated community safety was preserved.